History & Art History

 History & Art History

♣ An Economic History of the World since 1400, Part 1

12 Thursdays, September 14 – December 7, 9:30 a.m., $20

These lectures illustrate the fascinating links between economics and history, revealing how the production, consumption and exchange of goods has influenced (and been influenced by) historical events and trends including the Black Death, the Age of Exploration, the invention of the printing press, the Industrial Revolution, the European colonization of Africa, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the rise of China and India and the birth of personal computing. Our own knowledgeable volunteer Ladd Seton, will lead the discussion after the showings.

Russia – Mark Albertson

8 Mondays, September 11 – November 6, 10:30 a.m., $80

George Kennan once observed that whether it be Czarist Russia, Stalinist Russia, Krushchev’s Soviet Union, Brezhnev’s Soviet Union or Putin’s Russia, Russia is Russia – an intriguing assessment by America’s renowned Sovietologist and foreign policy guru. This series will chronicle Russia, beginning with pre-Romanov Russia, the Romanovs, Bolsheviks, Stalin, the Cold War and ending with Putin and the perpetuation of Authoritarianism.

NEW: Art of the Heist

14 Tuesdays, September 19 – December 19, 1:15 p.m., Free

This thrilling documentary unlocks gallery doors to chronicle history’s most notorious art thefts – from nabbing the Mona Lisa out of the Louvre in broad daylight to the yet unsolved theft at Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. In candid interviews, the thieves who stole the art and the investigators who chased them share insights into crimes committed in galleries, tombs and mansions from Egypt to Sweden.

Georgia on my Mind with Rita Englund

8 Thursdays, September 14 – November 2, 10:00 a.m., Free

Georgia O’Keeffe had her first solo exhibit one hundred years ago. We will celebrate her life, explore her art and admire her individuality. Please start reading Georgia by Dawn Tripp (a novelization of her relationship with Alfred Steiglitz) or familiarizing yourself with some of her paintings before the first class.

These programs are high-quality video lectures from the Teaching Company, BBC, PBS and other venues shown on a big screen.