ADA Guidelines

Guidelines for Participation at Lapham Community Center and the Senior Center of New Canaan, Inc.

Lapham Community Center is open to all adult residents of the Town of New Canaan who are capable of participating in our activities.

Determining an individual’s appropriateness for participation in the Center’s programs can be a sensitive and difficult decision. Center participants must be able to perform the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) as described below. ADLs are routine activities that people tend do everyday without needing assistance; the ability or inability to perform ADLs can be used as a very practical measure of ability/disability in many disorders:

Activities of Daily Living

Adequate Endurance: ability to stay awake and alert throughout the activity
Ambulation: ability to be self-mobile throughout the facility; this can be with the aid of assistive devices such as a wheelchair, walker, cane, etc. or with a companion/aide
Continence: ability to control bowel and bladder functions
Dressing: ability to wear clean and appropriate clothing
Eating: ability to consume food in a neat and appropriate manner
Toileting: ability to get to and from, on and off the toilet
Hygiene: ability to maintain a reasonable level of personal hygiene

The reality of the staff/participant ratio requires that participants also function at a fairly high cognitive level. They must show good judgment, orientation to time and place, capacity for self-direction, and the ability to interact appropriately with other participants and staff.

Decisions about the inability of an individual to continue in our programs will be made by the Lapham Center staff.