Computers & Technology

Computers and Technology

Tech Help from the Library

Eliana Baldino, Instructor and Reference Librarian and Anthony Marrocolla, Assistant Manager of Public Services, are offering these programs at Lapham Center:

Online Crafting – Tuesday April 7, 2:00 p.m. Free

Craft websites like Craftsy, Pinterest or Ravelry, have ideas, photos, patterns and tutorials, often free. Others, like Etsy or Artfire, offer one of a kind items made by talented crafters for sale. These websites will inspire you to take upa new hobby or upgrade your skills.

Password Management,  Tuesday, May 15, 2:00 p.m., Free

You need a password for your bank, stores, doctors, gym, etc. Learn how to write a good password or passphrase, where to store them (and not store them), how and when to change them, what to do when you forget a password, and what password generators or password management sites you may want to use.

Technology Help

Use the emails below to schedule an appointment for one-on-one help; if you can’t email call Aggie or Lynn at 203-594-3620 We request a donation of $20.


The PC Doctor –

Having a problem with your PC or tablet? Want advice on buying a new computer? Have PC repair questions? Let one of our experienced volunteers help you resolve the issue or guide you to your answer. Email or call if your email isn’t working.

The Mac Tutor –

We have some help if you own an Apple product! Marylou Wilkinson will give you a hand with the software or set up.

Free Teen Tech Help – Late May to mid-June

Our NCHS Senior Interns will help you with your computer, camera, cell phone, or reading device.

Call 203-594-3620 for an appointment.

Lapham Center has free Wi-Fi. Drop in anytime with your laptop or other device.