Multi touch screens as synonym for innovation

Multi touch screens as synonym for innovation

The introduction of multi-touch screens on smartphones and tablets has led to a noticeable change in the demands placed on the usability of devices. The habit of opening up information by rotating digital signage malaysia, zooming or sliding has already changed the ergonomics of HMI systems. Multi-touch panels have become synonymous with innovative products.

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There are companies having many years of experience in the development of single-touch, dual-touch and multi-touch solutions and designs customized multi-touch panels based on projective capacitive touch technology.

With projected capacitive touchscreens, with the help of multi-touch sensors, theoretically an infinite number of contact points can be recorded simultaneously. The high density of contact points enables precise, smooth and fast operation with short response times. Even scratches in the glass do not affect the function.

Projective capacitive – multi-touch panels have the advantage that the entire sensor system is protected and wear-free installed behind a pane of glass and can even be operated through protective panels with up to 10 mm thickness.

Another advantage is a long service life, as the sensor system, unlike resistive touch, is not subject to mechanical wear.

Operation is possible with fingers and conductive pens, but also with thin gloves such as latex gloves.

Application areas

The use of “projected capacitive” multi touch screens is preferred for devices that are operated behind glass due to their area of ​​application, are particularly protected and where information has to be accessed or changed easily and quickly via the monitor. Multi-touch systems are preferably used in automotive and p.o.i systems, gaming applications and medical devices.

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Custom multi-touch panels

Expert companies specializes in the development of individual touch panels. Depending on the desired application and the technology required (projective capacitive or resistive touch), ready-to-connect touch panels are ready to be delivered including front panel, housing and individually tailored software sensor configuration.

A wide range of surface treatments are offered for front panels, housings and glasses so that your product not only works permanently without errors, but also presents itself in a sales-promoting manner.

Multi-touch screen or multi touch screen is a development of existing touch screen technology. From the meaning of the word “multi” which means a lot, it has been seen that the advantages of this touch screen can be touched by more than one finger. 

This multi-touch screen can be touched by tens of fingers of different people simultaneously. Multi touch screen is a monitor that can capture more than 1 coordinate point that can provide action to program applications. This technology has been widely used by several major it companies in the world, such as apple, microsoft, Google, etc.

You will usually encounter this technology in several gadgets, such as smartphones and tablet computers. This technology is closely related to one of the biggest it brands in the world, namely apple. Apple has implemented this technology since the ipod touch product was launched. This product that has a multi-touch screen makes it easy for users to operate it. Only by moving two fingers to zoom in and out of the image, and only by sliding the screen page on the gadget, you can move to the next page. It is often used to implement advanced functions such as pinch to zoom or activate predefined programs.